UK provides a huge range of possibilities to get the higher education in more than 130 Universities which offer the Bachelor degree programmes.

The duration of undergraduate programmes is as a rule for three years, it allows students to acquire deep knowledge on the chosen specialty. Th kind of degree depends on the personal abilities of the undergraduate and their preparation.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc) degrees are usually 3 years in length in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, or 4 years in Scotland

Bachelor’s degrees are intensive academic courses that focus on a specialized field of study and often cumulate in an undergraduate dissertation or final project

Some degree programmes may be extended for a year to enable students to spend time in industry or overseas

Bachelor’s degrees are often focused on a single subject area, but it can be possible to study for a "joint honours" degree in 2 related subject areas

Undergraduate curriculum and assessment system

Academic curriculum and the methods of evaluation can vary in different universities but in general they reflect the education style in the UK. Undergraduate programmes emphasize the importance of tutorial system and independent studies for students.

The academic departments are not very large even in big universities, that promotes very close intercommunication relations  among the tsudents and tutors.

The Universities practise two main types of evaluation and control:

current assessment -aimed to evaluate the course work and develop students' knowledge and skills

final assessment - provides the formal and official marks to determine the final result on the subject at the end of the academic year

Both methods of evaluation may include essay writing, tests,weekly assignments

Bachelor degree programme ususally finishes by writing the research work or the project work about the specific issue on the chosen subject