History of Art online course

Last Friday, we brilliantly completed our virtual journey into the world of art with Dr. Edward Clarke. We caught the inspiration of Cezanne and Van Gogh, saw the world as flawlessly beautiful through the prism of geniuses. The play of colours and their palette will impress art connoisseurs.

Do you know that:

Thanks to the numerous oil paintings and watercolours of Mont Saint Victoire, Cezanne became associated with it. However, imbued with centuries of history and folklore, both classical and Christian, the mountain range only gradually became the main theme in Cézanne's work. The artist carefully explored the countryside around Aix, first during youth walks with friends, and then as an open-air artist in search of motives for his work. When Cezanne stood on the mountain in 1895, he virtually "entered" one of his landscapes. Standing there, he may have stopped to recall some of the Mont Saint Victoire paintings he had already painted.

A series of paintings by Van Gogh with a sower is the master's favourite plot: alone figure moves across a plowed field, a wide movement of his right hand indicates that sowing is in progress. But the true protagonist of the paintings is the sun on the horizon - a huge, god-like, bright disk flooded with light. When Van Gogh was living in an asylum for the mentally ill in Saint-Remy, France, he painted similar paintings, which later became known as "Wheat Field with the Reaper." Often in the paintings of Van Gogh you can find celestial bodies, the sun, the moon or stars, even turbulent galaxies. But The Sower and The Wheat Field with the Reaper are exceptional works of the master.

The first initiation into the mysteries of Western Art has been completed. But we will definitely return to the world of art to learn its secrets and hidden meanings. Follow our news.

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