Michaelmas term at Cherwell College Oxford

Michaelmas term has been a busy one for Cherwell College Oxford students! This semester is the longest, but at the same time it seems to be the shortest, as it is usually full of activities, professorial talks and master classes, as well as the final preparation for applying to the University / Oxbridge.

This semester, students from Cherwell College Oxford got a glimpse into the future by examining the evolution and development of artificial intelligence (AI) during a masterclass given by a top expert in AI, data science and blockchain at the University of Berkeley, California.

The Student Science Club has raised many controversial issues. Students gave presentations on climate change and COP 26, and shed light on the AI ​​that is being used to discover the structure of proteins.

Politics students have had an extremely busy Parliamentary Week this semester, meeting with Anneliese Dodds, chairman of the Labor Party and Shadow Minister for Women and Equality, as well as a traditional cooperation with the Oxford Union debating club and representing the college in the Ivy League debate competition.

We all know there is time for business, but fun should not be forgotten either. Therefore, college students' weekends are usually devoted to extracurricular activities to recharge the batteries.

To learn more about the achievements and successes of Cherwell College Oxford, please follow the link: https://www.cherwell-college.co.uk/stories/latest-stories-from-campus/th... [article in English]