January 2022 enrolment Cherwell College Oxford

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Why Cherwell?

Here is the best that the British education system has to offer: an individual approach to teaching or the so-called Oxbridge "tutorial" method of teaching

Located in historic Oxford, Cherwell College Oxford offers GCSE and A-Level (14-18 years old) secondary and high school students.


Cherwell College Oxford knows that every student is different and everyone has their own educational path. And the college tutors are ready to support you along the way!

College students achieve more as tutors work together with each of them to achieve results, combining individual, pair lessons, small group workshops and regular performance testing.

Find out more: https://www.cherwell-college.co.uk/


Cherwell College Oxford offers:

Traditional GCSE and A-Level programmes

Intensive Courses / Retake Preparation Courses (for academically capable mature students or those who have not achieved their goals and plan to finish some subjects / topics and retake exams)

Individual preparation programmes for admission to Oxford, Cambridge and other prestigious universities (support at all stages of the preparation process and submission of documents to universities)

Accelerated programmes during semester vacations (revision and consolidation of knowledge before passing exams or starting training in the full-time department)

View all courses on offer: https://www.cherwell-college.co.uk/cherwell-college-oxford-courses

Plus, Cherwell College Oxford students enjoy all the privileges of studying at Oxford!

Cherwell College is proud to be one of the few teaching boarding colleges in Oxford with its own student residence.

Day and boarding students live at Cherwell House. The boarding house includes 50 single rooms with all amenities, and a team of "home parents" monitors the discipline and well-being of each student.

Learn more about life at Cherwell House https://www.cherwell-college.co.uk/student-life


Cherwell College Oxford students automatically have privileged access to the Oxford Union Debate Society while studying?

The college maintains good ties with the oldest student debate society, the Oxford Union, which allows full-time students to become members as soon as they enroll in college.

Welcome to visit the college: https://www.cherwell-college.co.uk/contact-us

Find out even more: https://www.cherwell-college.co.uk/stories/latest-stories-from-campus/16... [information on links - in English]