On-line course "An Initiation into the Mysteries of Western Art"

A 10-week online course in Art History «An Initiation into the Mysteries of Western Art" started last week.
This intensive, short-term online course is taught by one of the best educators in the field, Dr. Edward Clarke. For the past 15 years, Edward has taught History of Art and Architecture at Oxford and is currently working on  the book «The Secret Mind of Art,» scheduled for publication by Lion Books in 2022.
The aim of the course is to acquaint the audience with the basics of Western Art, to cover antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Every Friday, students explore a range of iconic works of art, including The Baptism of Christ by Piero della Francesca, The Birth of Venus by Botticelli and David by Donatello. Learning the secrets inherent in these works, students learn to independently comprehend the value, understand the hidden meanings and critically judge such great works as: Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel, Titian's Bacchus and Ariadne, Palladio's Villa Barbaro.
During a 1.5-hour lesson, the audience explored the historical, religious and philosophical context of the Pantheon, Rome, in order to understand its hidden spiritual value.
The next masterpiece for students to discover will be: The Last Judgment, the Cathedral of Saint-Lazare in Autun.
Our partner, Cherwell College Oxford's short-term online courses are designed to provide a comprehensive education and erudition for students and a wider audience.

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