On-line A-level programme

New digital academic year to start in September - is this a real life, or just a fantasy? With the new realities of 2022, you never know.

Taking into consideration the modern-day pandemic situation all over the world, our exclusive partner, Cherwell College Oxford developed a tailor-made On-Line A-level programme to cater for the academic needs of international students. The programme helps to achieve the highest qualifications in traditional subjects through bespoke teaching, which will enable entry to Oxbridge, UK Russell Group Universities or a leading University in the world.

The health and safety of students as well as the administrative, educational and technical staff have always been a top priority, so Cherwell College takes a step forward towards on-line education. The College delivers a full time on-line A-level academic programme (3 academic subjects) with maximum efficiency & flexibility at a competitive and profitable cost: covers academic, social, cultural and wellbeing. 

Lessons are held in real-time format (taking into consideration the difference in the time zones) with physical presence of the students in the virtual classroom based on the Microsoft Teams platform. Mini-group (4-5 students) atmosphere is fruitful for productive learning. Students actively engage in brainstorming, problem solving tasks, debates and project presentations. 

The top-notch tutors direct, monitor and control all in-class activities, assign homework, tests, mock exams, respond to questions and give timely feedback on written work.You will get monthly reports on each academic subject.

No visa, no travel expenses, attractive tuition fees policy, flexible start dates. You can stay safely at home, enjoy the academic excellence in your free time ( the second half of the day), and enhance your potential. At the end you will have a possibility to pass external A-level exams at certified exam centre.

You can start with trial Summer semester to try the on-line style of academic education.

Take a chance to enrol and enjoy the unforgettable stay-at-home experience with Cherwell College Oxford from the heart of the well-known University city, plan your future today!