Why British EdUKation Centre

The UK is recognised as a global leader in education

There are 19 UK universities in the TOP 100 universities in the World, and more so, 4 out of the top 6 - the other 2 being Harvard and Yale (USA).

From its establishment British edUKation Centre has been assisting our students to orientate in the British education system, providing professional consultancy on studying abroad, on the choice of the top educational establishments, to take the individual preparation programme on the chosen subjects, which allows our students to enter top British Universities with worldwide acccepted diplomas.

Such a complex appoach to academic preparation  allows our students upon graduation to hold important positions in state, commercial and academic spheres in different countries of the world.Leading companies throughout the world are eager to recruit graduates who obtain high-quality degrees from the leading UK universities.

We believe that education is one of the most important fundamentals to improve a person's wellbeing.

Our students deserve high-quality education - which the UK can certainly provide

British EdUKation Centre provides a professional bespoke service to clients who wish to study at the leading UK universities, top boarding schools and colleges in Great Britain. We have developed credible relationships with the top educational establishments in the UK.

We recommend UK universities, boarding schools and colleges which best suit the client –

the priority is the education of the student.

We care about our clients' future

By ensuring that high-calibre  students gain entry to leading UK Universities, the students graduate with a high-quality globally recognized UK accreditation, which will enable them to further their careers upon their return to home countries.

In the present economic climate, high-calibre graduates could provide the necessary stimulus for development in home countries.

For A Level, IB and GCSE studies we place younger students at top Boarding Schools and Colleges where there is a secure environment and where there is a synergy of spiritual and academic mentoring to suit young adults.

We are proud to have placed students at the top co-educational boarding schools and colleges for GCSE, A level and IB results.

We are fortunate that within the organisation we employ British and international personnel who have a wealth of experience in the education & business sectors - some of whom have been employed by the British Government in senior positions.

British edUKation Centre provides a very personal service and we meticulously prepare a comprehensive programme which is tailored to our client's education and employment goals. We also introduce our clients to areas of British Culture which will benefit their development and adaptation in the new environment.

We provide the best professional services for our clients and we are very proud of our client's academic achievements, we accompany them throughout the whole study process, we assist our parents to monitor the academic progress of our students.

  We look forward to assisting new clients on the path toward high-quality education followed by a successful pathway in life.

We take care of our clients' educational aspirations right through to graduation