Short term Academic programmes 2021 in Oxford

Welcome to Spring and Summer holidays 2021 at our partner, Cherwell College Oxford!

Unique chance to understand the British Education system

                Academic preparation: Option 1 – Academic English + Maths/Physics;

                                                    Option 2 – Academic English + History/International Relations;

Duration: 1 week 

Age group:  15 – 18, 18 - 22


The programme is purposefully tailored to introduce the system of British Education to international students, it is underpinned with the core academic subjects: Academic English + Maths/Physics, or Academic English + History/International Relations. The course is academically intensive and provides a good understanding of the UK curriculum.

Our students will have a splendid opportunity to study chosen academic subjects, acquire the necessary study skills and techniques which will develop their confidence for further studies and exams.  As part of the programme we offer the Debate workshops provided by highly qualified Oxbridge and Russell Group University tutors.

The Programme will include tours around Oxford and London.

Founded in 1972, Cherwell College Oxford is a day and traditional boarding tutorial college in the city of Oxford.

Supported by the individual tutorials and mini group seminars our students reached higher academic level in comparison with classic group sessions.

International Relations                                                                                                                                                

This subject provides a key by which to understand the contemporary world. It explores crucial elements of world order, globalisation, and the reason why ‘world peace’ is so elusive.  It looks at the rise of economic powers and regional developments. Above all, it explores how states relate to one another.


The search for peace and cooperation has received many false starts. Why is this so?  Why have treaties and institutions like the League of Nations and United Nations failed to produce results in line with their aspirations?

 Programme fees

Programme is delivered on a weekly basis with arrival on Sunday and departure next Sunday

week tuition, accommodation, excursions, meals (breakfast, dinner, packed lunch)      £ 950.00*

or on-line course ( * check for price policy)

 *For mini –group tuition ( 6 students)

 For registration please contact us via the following emails: