Academic programmes in Oxford, 2016 -2017

Welcome to Academic programmes in Oxford, 2016 -2017 during Autumn, Christmas, Spring and Summer holidays with our exclusive partner CHERWELL COLLEGE OXFORD

It is a unique chance to surf the British Education system

Pre-sessional А-level                      Pre-sessional GCSE

Academic preparation:

Option 1 – Creative English (Drama, Oratory skills) + Maths;

Option 2 – Humanities (History, Politics, Creative writing) + Art (optional);

Duration: 1, 2, weeks

Age group: 12 - 18

The programme was purposefully tailored to introduce the system of British Education to international students, it is underpinned with the core academic subjects: English, Maths, History, Drama and Art. The course is academically intensive and provides a good understanding of the UK study curriculum.

Our students will have a splendid opportunity to study chosen academic subjects, acquire the necessary study skills and techniques which will develop their confidence for further studies and exams.

Academic Programmes will include private tours around the Colleges of Oxford University which will enable our students to enjoy the unique atmosphere of Oxford.

Tuition is provided by highly qualified Oxbridge and Russell Group Universities tutors.

For students and parents who plan to continue education in the UK we provide a unique opportunity of 16+ entrance assessment in core subjects (English and Maths) and arrange an interview with the Principal.

The parents are welcome to visit the College and for those interested we can arrange individual tuition in English language.

Founded in 1972, Cherwell College Oxford is a day and traditional boarding tutorial college in the city of Oxford.

Supported by the individual tutorials and mini group seminars our students reached higher academic level in comparison with classic group sessions