Oxford Socratic programme Humanities and Social Sciences 2016 -2017

Welcome to Oxford Socratic Programme in Humanities and Social sciences with our exclusive partner - Cherwell College, Oxford

This subject provides a key by which to understand the contemporary world. It explores crucial elements of world order, globalisation, and the reason why ‘world peace’ is so elusive. It looks at the rise of economic powers and regional developments. Above all, it explores how states relate to one another.
The programme is offered on a 2-week or a 4-week basis


Option 1: Academic programme – 2 weeks
Week 1: Introductory

Is International Relations any use? Why study it?

Theories; what are they for? Are they useful? The great debates

What does understanding the world mean?
History of International Relations and its importance for now


Week 2: Law, order and their place in International Relations history 
The nation state as the root of all international affairs, the ‘Westphalian system’
The Cold War and IR
Laws of War and why they are necessary
International law

Option 2: Academic programme – 4 weeks

Week 3: Super powers and super responsibilities
USA and its role in world: what does it stand for? Is it still a super power?
Is the USA a global policeman? Criticism of the USA – how far justified?
UK – what is its role in the world and does it matter as a power?

The EU: an aspirant global power? A force for freedom or authoritarianism?

Week 4: Is mankind cooperative?
The UN and NGOs: cooperation?
The ‘Clash of Civilizations’: the opposite?
Poverty, aid and corruption

Excursions & Activities
As part of this programme students will be visiting and exploring some of the following:

Oxford University

The Foreign Office (London);

Churchill’s war cabinet rooms (London);

House of Commons and House of Lords (Parliament) in London;

Oxford Magistrates’ Court, Oxford;

Oxford Crown Court, Oxford;

Windsor Castle; 

Blenheim Palace;

Accommodation in the brand new students’ residence - Cherwell House, located in the heart of Oxford, providing accommodation in en-suite single rooms. The facilities include: Wi-Fi, laundry, student common area, cafeteria (La Cosmopolite), weekly cleaning, residential warden and security patrols.